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"Matthew Matz: Fallen By The Wayside"

Downingtown, PA –March 5, 2012 – The time has come for songwriter, Matthew Matz, who just released his first CD, "Fallen By The Wayside". The CD contains 12 songs that combine beautiful acoustic melodies, soulful lyrics and crunching power cords. Matthew's music would fall under the alternative or rock genre and has been compared to such familiar artists as Gin Blossoms, The Beatles and The Clash.

Matthew has always had a love of music and writing. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 13 and began writing songs at the age of 16. His love of music still kept him writing and playing through the years and fate brought Dean Grey into the UPS store in Frazer, PA where Matthew was working. Matthew would practice his guitar in between clients and one day he was playing away on his guitar unaware that Dean was listening. Their conversations led to later Matthew listening to Dean sing some of his own songs, and Matthew begged him to sing on his CD and help him record them. Dean agreed but with Dean's busy schedule it took them three years to complete the project. The CD was recorded in Dean's basement. Matthew's inspiration has always been The Beatles, The Beatles, and The Beatles.

You can visit his website at and YouTube video. The video on YouTube is titled "Teenage Loser". The CD, Matthew Matz - "Fallen By The Wayside" is currently available on iTunes, cdbaby, and Amazon.

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matthew matz music
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