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Robin Matz – My soul mate and love of my life! Without her support, love and enthusiasm, nothing happens. She never complained while I was off in the recording studio for hours on end and she was always excited to hear what I accomplished each day I came home. Thanks for all your help, guidance and support. I love you babe!

Mom and Dad – For all the love, support and guitar lessons! For letting me be me and loving me anyway! You are the best parents ever.

Dean Grey – My George Martin. Just liked the Beatles wouldn't have been the Beatles if they hadn't met George Martin, this CD would not have sounded any where near as good without the help of my friend Dean Grey. Not only did Dean lend me his musical talents but also that amazing, amazing voice. Dean always accepted my ideas and helped me smooth out the edges. Dean, thank you so much for all your hard work and patience, you are the man!

Kristen Federowicz – For her beautiful CD cover art and fantastic photo's of me. Kristin is the best graphic artist/ photographer ever! Kristen, thank you for all your hard work, I truly appreciate it.

Jon Matz – When I was broke and had no money, Jon paid for the very first EP I ever did. I learned a lot in making that EP and that experience help me improve in this my second attempt. I never truly thanked you for your generosity but I want you to know that it meant an awful lot to me. Thank you.

Kevin Zepp – The man behind my website. What can I say about Kevin, very talented, patient, energetic and fun to work with! No wonder why when it comes to website design Zepp Graphical is such a success!

Mike Pfeifer – for making my first youtube video for the song "Teenage Loser". You can't argue that the man has talent! Thank you Mike.

Steve Wallis – Steve sang lead vocals on "I should have run from you". Steve I just wanted to say thank you for helping a fellow musician out, your vocals were perfect for this song and I really appreciate it!

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matthew matz music
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