My new Best friend Mark Rogers at 93.7 WSTW!

Just got done listening to my song “Run Away” on Hometown Heroes, a radio broadcast on  Sunday Nights from 8pm – 10 pm on WSTW 93.7 hosted my Mark Rogers. If you haven’t heard the show you are missing out. Very few DJ’s on major radio stations give new artists a chance to heard, well that can’t be said for Mark Rogers. His whole show is based on new artist and new music!. Mark goes out of his way to give us independent musicians a break and everyone needs to know about it! Mark, I am now a huge fan.  A  huge thank you to you for all your support and if ever I can help you out, just shoot me an email and me and the boys will be their! Rock on!

New Band

Just an update, I am in the process of starting to form a new band so that we can get out there and begin playing again. So far we have an incredible singer by the name of Ember Reed. This guy auditioned by singing Boston’s “More than a feeling” and Journey’s “Lights”. Pretty nice range, don’t you think?

Next we got Sean Loughead on guitar. Sean came in an did the solo from the Knack “My Sharona” and knocked everyone out! Nice job Sean, can’t wait to see him do it live!

On Drums, my dear friend from “Nightbreed” Dave Boule. I have been playing live with Dave for the last 4 years and nobody on the planet hits the drums harder than this guy. Dave rocks hard!

We have some bass player auditioning in June and once we get that down she should be good to go! Stay tuned…


DJ Guido the Irish Guido!

Much thanks to DJ Guido the Irish Guido for focusing his podcast on my music last night! DJ Guido did an awesome job and I truly appreciate his support. DJ Guido is a DJ at Montgomery County Community College. I didn’t even mention to DJ Guido that I attended MCCC when I completed my associates degree! Much love to MCCC and DJ Guido! If anyone would like to hear the pod cast, just cut and past the link below;


“Teenage Loser” video is now on YouTube!!

The first video from Fallen By The Wayside in now on YouTube! Thanks to the great job done by Mike Pfeifer, “Teenage Loser” is now available for everyone to view. It took Mike over a month of hard work to get this video just right. Thanks Mike for everything, you rock!

I am also thinking about some type of video for “Run Away” and “Time”. Please email me and let me know what songs you would like to see on YouTube..

Please tell everyone you know to go to “Teenage Loser”  and click the “like” button to help  move the video up the food chain! Let’s see if we can get someone to notice!


Who’s that singing on your cd?

First question i get asked is who is that singing on your cd. Eleven of the songs are song by Dean “Dino” Grey. I owe Dean a world of thanks. Not only did he help me produce the cd, play on it but also sang all the songs except for “Should have run from you”. Dino you are the man and I owe you big time!

The singer for “should of run from you’ is Steve Wallis. I thought Steve had the perfect Lynyrd Skynyrd type voice and that was perfect for this song. The only thing Steve wanted as payment was a hoagie from WAWA. If I remember it was either italian or chicken salad, lol. Thank you Steve! I appreciate your help with this song..